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Russell Hunter

Russell is a traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Instructor, and Integral Coach. He passionately enjoys both arts, and is dedicated to helping people change, and improve their lives by sharing the benefits that Tai Chi Chuan, Integral Coaching can bring.


Russell is the only Master Ding Academy (MDA) instructor currently teaching Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung in Switzerland. He has been training with Master Ding since 2006 having previously studied various martial arts in UK, Switzerland, and South Korea since 1995.  With permission from Master Ding, Russell began teaching in Geneva in 2011.

Russell’s teaching explores the underlying principles of Tai Chi Chuan with the aim of unlocking the centered, soft power of the art.  Over time and with practice inner strength, focus and confidence can naturally develop.

Classes typically consist of Chi Gung meditation, traditional exercises and learning the Tai Chi Chuan form.  Partner work is used to practice the concepts and to create a fun, informal and relaxed atmosphere where everyone can learn from each other.


Russell continues to visit Master Ding regularly to participate in week-long Tai Chi retreats and focused workshops to continue to improve his understanding and application of the art.


Russell studied Integral Coaching with the Centre for Coaching, in association with Graduate School of University of Cape Town.  The course is affiliated with International Coach Federation (ICF).  He has been coaching since 2014.  Russell is also a certified practicioner of 'Mindfulness'.


Russell has been living in Geneva for 7 years, and teaching Tai Chi since 2011.  He teaches weekly group classes on Wednesday evenings and private lessons upon request.  Russell is married with one baby daughter.

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