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Integral Coaching


Coaching is simply a space, and a platform which allows you to grow as a whole person.


Integral Coaching is a method of coaching you as a whole person.  It incorporates the Body, the Mind, the Spirit, Relationships with others, and your Environment in order to create change that lasts.  Ultimately, this about you getting the results that are important to you.


A coaching programme often begins with a problem.  An Integral Coach will help you to first examine, what is it about your Way of Being which gives rise to this problem, or pattern, and what capabilities are required on an intellectual, emotional, and somatic level to change this pattern.


Core to our approach is practical action.  This is not a process that happens just in the mind.  You should leave the programme with a deep and practical experience of doing things differently to achieve different results.


The first couple of sessions are usually focussed on us understanding you, in depth and in breadth.  We look at your past, your present and your projected future, you on an emotional, somatic, and intellectual level, your relationships with others, your environment, and yourself.  Once the picture is complete, we can begin to look at whether there is anything in the narrative of this picture which might be leading to the 'problem' being a problem.  By evolvinig, or changing the narrative, new possibilites can open up.  And it is in these new possibilities where we can become 'unstuck' and move forward in a new way and with a new outlook.

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